Lynley is an NLP Master Practitioner and trainer, with 20 years of experience as a life coach, mBit Practitioner, Journey Practitioner and now, certified Havening Practitioner. She also holds a diploma in Supervision.

Lynley’s gentle, yet direct way of working, is appreciated by her clients. She brings fun, creativity, and laughter into her sessions, as she lovingly supports and encourages her clients while they release old patterns and trauma, and create the life they are yearning for.

To maintain and foster professional development within the NLP and Havening communities, Lynley coordinates the Wellington NLP regional group and has assisted on a Havening training. Since experiencing the transformational effects of Havening in her own life, and that of her family, Lynley has changed the focus of her practice, to Havening.

Lynley has written and published two fantastic books for children and through her stories, Lynley’s intention is to teach children how to manage their thoughts and feelings:

“Bathed in Love and Light” is specifically designed to help children understand that we have different types of thoughts, and that we can choose the kind of thoughts we think. By letting go of unhelpful thoughts through the use of imagination and visualization, room is created for the best kind of thoughts, happy ones.

“Sleepy now,

All tucked up in my bed.

These are the kind of thoughts,

I choose to think instead.”

“Joe was Really Mad” is more than just a story about a boy that gets really mad. It is actually a coaching tool that Lynley uses with clients of all ages in her practice, to acknowledge feelings and emotions and helping them to feel better.

“At the moment, children are not taught how to run their own brain and manage their thoughts and feelings, which I feel, is just as important as learning to read and write. My hope is that stories like “Joe was Really Mad” and “Bathed in Light and Love” will help children to grow into resilient, well adjusted, resourceful adults.”

Both of these books are available for purchase exclusively at our online store here. You can also visit my Facebook pages for Bathed in Love and Light and Joe was Really Mad.

As an active member of the community Lynley has been involved in early childhood education through her work in Playcentre,  running a Transforming Communication Course through WEA, and volunteers regularly for Greenstone Doors. Currently Lynley is a co-coordinator of the Wellington Region NLP group promoting the professional development and education of herself and her peers by regularly participating and presenting. She is a practicing member of NZANLP, mBit coach, Journey practitioner, and holds a certificate in Supervision.